Who’s Who

We are very lucky to have a number of talented musicians who work with SSBB.

Our MDs are: Senior Band – Iain McKnight;  Intermediate Band – Tom Ridgley ; Junior Band – Andrew Myers

Beginners group is lead by Billy Hunt

Our tutors are Haz Saunders, Mike Cavanagh, Tillie Campbell, Lauren White.

As well as giving individual lessons they also help out in the band rehearsals.

There are a number of adults who help to run SSBB.

Alice Bell  is our administrator and if you use the contact details above they will come directly to her.  She will usually be able to answer most of your queries.   Please see her if you decide to join.

Ian Corbridge is the treasurer and deals with all lesson and subs payments.

Ian Campbell is our chairman.

Jane Sadler is our band secretary.

Jenny Taylor & Kathryn Evans co-ordinate refreshments and uniform.

Debs Shaw and Chris Hillman manages all the music and looks after the library.